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Information About Surgical Gloves

Medical gloves or surgical gloves are the disposable hand gloves used in medical examinations of the patient to avoid the contamination between the examiner and patient. Surgical gloves prevent the infections that could transfer between the healthcare professionals and the patient.

Actually there are two types of hand gloves that are used for medical purposes. One is surgical gloves and the second one is examination gloves. To get more information about surgical gloves you can also visit:

Surgical gloves have to be of very high quality and to be very precise. Examination glove can be of less precise and they are cheaper in price.

These hand gloves are disposable ones and are used only for one time. They are designed for single use and this is the reason why this glove should be very cheaper.

The essentials of surgical glove

As stated above the sole purpose of the glove is to facilitate safe medical examinations and surgery. It should be very elastic, should fit into the varying size of the hands of the medical practitioners.

They should be very thick and should not possess even minute or micro level pores or whole. The glove should not tear during its use. At the same time, the gloves should have a high degree of touch sensitivity.

One of the most important features is that they should not cause any types of allergy. The gloves must be easily removable and disposable when the medical procedures are over.

When disposed of it should be easily degradable and not cause any undesirable impact on the environment.