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Most Common Air Conditioning Problems Encountered During Summer

Through the hot summer months your air-con (AC) system is susceptible to several issues that make a difference its operations. Hence, it is important to really know what these problems could be so that whenever they take place, you may take the required action and keep cool.

  1. Undesirable wiring – In the event the wiring in your AC is bad, then you aren’t safe as your house can certainly catch hearth and the conditioner can stop and trip the circuit breaker. You can visit to know more about the Common Air Conditioning Problems.
  2. Freon drip – There’s a substance in your ac which serves as the coolant. This coolant is recognised as Freon. Once the Freon levels go below what’s expected, then your conditioner’s performance is impaired.
  3. External admirer not working – The AC needs the heat within your house and replaces it with cool air. Heat transfer might are unsuccessful and this could cause the conditioner to overheat and then trip the overload protection.

At these times, your system may become broken internally, especially its compressor. You’ll then need immediate services to do the required repairs or substitute your conditioner.

  1. Coil inside is iced – In case the filter has soiled air and the duct work is also clogged, that can result in the coils inside the AC getting freezing. The freezing of coils may be due to the Freon leaking or the levels being low.
  2. Unit outside the house is no longer working – You might have a thermostat that is faulty or the energy resource could be low. Both of these issues can stop the exterior unit from operating.