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Bridal Photo Editing Tips through Photoshop

Photography is a art, lot of new things introduced every session. Wallpapers, background images, vector pictures are one the format from the photography groups. ViewColleges blog is a wonderful source you can see lot of wallpapers for sample. Photoshop is best software you can do more magics inside. Lot of photographers using this software to optimize thir customer photographs on next level. Here you can see some best performing bridal photo editing methods. I personally use Photoshop to edit photographs. Some other tools are also available. But Photoshop is a master compare to other photo editing tools. Select a Photograph Go to layer panel Click on adjustment layer and select Gradient Map In Gradient MAP ,Select Black and White Presets and click on ok Image will be changed in Gray scale Select zoom tool and zoom out the image.

Select Pan Tool and shift the image below Confirm foreground is black and background color is white.

Select Brush tool Decide your Brush diameter as per your need By pressing left click,move your brush on that areas where color has to be changed in to original. Now you can see here, jewelry color appears original. Again select Pan tool and shift the image upper. With the help of Brush tool , change the color of remaining jewelry. Select a medium size of Brush and change the color of the dress. Select zoom tool again and re-size the image in original.

The best example for modern photographs you can see through good morning pictures. Everyday we receive lot of great wishing pictures through social media sources. Particularly in Whatsapp, Facebook type platforms millions of people eagerly sharing good morning, good night images. This type of picture messages help us to feel well and remember someone very important. Every time a new message greet your friend something special. This is great chance to impress others through our picture messages.