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All About Traffic Paint

As a graphic designer I am paying attention to at all of the ads I see while riding the bus – yes I ride the bus everyday and no I am not ashamed – to work or anywhere else, and I detect much different colorful typography and different artwork formats like photography, fine art, sculpturing, electronic artwork, murals and more.

Looking at all the various media and methods makes you consider the ideas behind an advertisement and how a company chooses to present it. Often it makes me wonder, what’s the best method of marketing your business? Where do you place your banners and murals, and how much will things cost? With those questions fresh in my mind, I chose to research and discuss it with you (3 subscribers).

When we look outside while in transit, mostly by car, the first sort of advertising we notice is typically a bulletin billboard that’s 14′ high and 48′ wide. You see them on many (busy) roads throughout the nation. These bulletins billboards use loads of photography and typography but the more original ones are made by freelance creative graphic designers who work with large copywriting teams supporting them. You can also checkoutหมุดลูกแก้ว-led-4-ดวง-และ-6-ดวง/ if you want to know more about Traffic Paint.

The ideas and possibilities are nearly endless, and I mean “almost” because they’re restricted by the bulletins’ boundaries (Not too much though, nowadays). Although, a bulletin billboard, let us say on Sunset Boulevard where all the action is, can offer amazing exposure for your company (product, service, movie… ) will probably cost you an arm and two legs. For those who have a business with an adequate budget for advertising and you’re positive this sort of vulnerability will pay back, do not think twice.

Hire a graphic designer or an advertisement business and just do it. I would really like to hear/read firsthand about your failure or success (hopefully not) and discuss it. There are far more bulletins billboard “lookalikes” that really can give your creativity and capabilities wings. Obviously, it will cost so. Merely to shed some billboard types: Programmer billboard, Wallscape billboard, an electronic billboard.